Hi my name is Alfred Kanu i would like to welcome you  all to my brand new site dc details,i will be giving you details about Washington dc a city like no other  in the world very unique in its architectural designed and job well done  by its stone cutters and hand craftsmen, Since i migrated to the United state over 14 years ago i have not live in any other city but the Dc area which i love,one reason being that you will find people from various part of the world living here in Washington DC just think of any country in the world you  will find it’s  people here just like you have embassies of different country here all trying to be part of this great American story.One thing that stand out is the beauty of the city which i am acquainted to i will be going around with my camera giving you the little details of the city you might not see driving on an open top sight seeing bus or one of the old george town Trolly.


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