Around the world Embassy Tour


Today May 4th 2019 various Embassies in Washington DC gave visitors an entertaining tour of their embassies,a tradition that has long been held in the diplomatic community.Visitors get to see various cultures and a brief presentation of these countries such as their most visited destinations, arts,food,fashion and music,participants can travel the world without leaving Washington DC.Massachusetts ave NW is a destination for almost 50% of the worlds embassies.


 Lots of people came out to experience different cultures around the world that are represented here in the nation Capital.


The All New Renovated DC Wharf

They have been working on the particular Area of Town for over two years and it was finally reopen again in second week of October 2017. what a beautiful place to hang out,we consider this location to be the most visited destination comes spring and summer of 2018.DC wharf is located on main avenue South west DC also known as the water front in South west.


A back View From the Potomac Golf Course end,photographed by Dcdetails.




The White house is one of the most visited site in Washington DC,regardless of your party affiliation the White house is own by the tax payers of America. Every four years depending on who get the most Electoral vote gets to live in this most secured building in the whole world white very strong security presence,people from all works of life usually make  a stop here to take memorable photos with their love ones and family see photo Below-


We live in an Era where every moment is captured by a cellular phone, in this photo people pose for picture to get the White house as  a background for their photos and you will see such photos in most people living room as a memory of their visit to the white house [Dcdetails] Recommend this site.

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